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September 11, 2022

Today's #OneGoodThing:

When I was growing up, both my mom and my dad would announce "Home again, home again, Finnegan Flanagan" upon reaching our house after a trip. The words still evoke in me a sense of sleepiness in the back seat; a trigger to find the shoes I kicked off while we rode through the night with Graceland on the stereo; an idea that all is right with the world and someone is about to carry me inside after telling me I have gotten too big for this.

I still say "Home again, home again, Finnegan Flanagan" when I get in from a trip, though the days of sleeping in the backseat and getting a ride to my room in my dad's arms are long behind me.

Home again, home again, Finnegan Flanagan.

What's your #OneGoodThing today?

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